Tips on Filing Your Insurance Claim

The following information has been compiled to aid you in filing a claim with your insurance carrier for a cranial prosthesis:

  1. Benefit booklet:  First, check the “Benefit Booklet” given you by your insurance carrier.  This lists in detail all of the covered expenses under your particular plan.  Look for the section under “Covered Expenses” relating to “prosthesis” or “prosthetic devices”.  Photocopy this page.
  2. Claim form:  Complete the claim form provided by your insurance carrier.
  3. Prescription from your doctor:  Obtain a written prescription for a cranial prosthesis on an actual prescription form.  Also request a detailed letter from your doctor explaining the extent of your hair loss and the mental distress you have experienced due to your medical treatment.  Ask your doctor to use the words “Cranial Prosthesis” as it is considered a medically necessary item.  A brief letter from a psychiatrist may also be beneficial, if available.
  4. Sales receipt:  Have the salesperson write up a sales receipt or invoice for a cranial prosthesis.
  5. Photo:  Take some pictures of yourself without your hair and corrective eye make-up.  This will immediately show that your claim is not for cosmetic purposes.
  6. Personal handwritten letter:  Detail the emotional effects that Alopecia Areata or your medical treatment has had on your life.  Discuss the financial aspects of frequent wig purchases.  Advise that a cranial prosthesis is just as medically necessary as a prosthetic limb or breast – it replaces a missing body part – hair.
  7. For alopecia clients only:  Enclose a brochure from the National Alopecia Areata Foundation describing the disease of Alopecia Areata.

Mention that claims for extended medical treatment and medication such as minoxidil could be avoided with the use of a quality cranial prosthesis.

If you are filing a claim for an expensive custom cranial prosthesis, explain the benefits of purchasing this type of prosthesis, (it is made to order, more security, more natural, etc.).  Explain that while the initial cost of a custom prosthesis is higher, it will also last several years thereby being a cost effective item.

If your employer is aware of your Alopecia Areata or medical treatment, ask him/her to write a letter explaining the importance of having hair on your job.

Lee will assist in answering all questions concerning the information needed for your insurance company.

All purchases must be paid in full to Hair Additions by Lee and the insurance companies will send you reimbursement.